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          <rev user="Administrator" timestamp="2017-01-25T04:59:05Z" comment="" contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">&lt;seo title=&quot;The Unofficial Bell &amp; Ross Wiki&quot; keywords=&quot;Bell &amp; Ross, Bell Ross,Bell Ross Watches,baselworld&quot;  description=&quot;All the info, specs, and history about Bell &amp; Ross watches, from the early Sinn days to the BR-X1 Hypersonic Chronograph&quot;&gt;&lt;/seo&gt;
This wiki site was set up so Bell &amp; Ross fans can learn more information about their favorite brand, the history behind their watches, and find specific technical information about their watch. Please note, to prevent spam edits, you must be logged in to edit pages.

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= Bell &amp; Ross Baselworld Coverage =
We'll have the info for Bell &amp; Ross' Baselworld 2015 releases as news flows out from B&amp;R HQ.

* [[Baselworld 2017]]
* [[Baselworld 2016]]
* [[Baselworld 2015]]

= Aviation =
In their quest for the ideal utilitarian watch and armed with their experience in aeronautic and military fields, engineers, master watchmakers, designers and professional users have combined their skills to create three instruments complementary in both size and function: the BR 01, BR 03 and BR-S.

=== BR X1 ===
Always ahead of its time, Bell &amp; Ross continues to innovate with the launch of the BR-X1, a high-tech chronograph with a sporty design, which is as robust as it is sophisticated. Revolutionary in its design, the BR-X1 is the first watch of a new collection from Bell &amp; Ross and the beginning of a whole new chapter in the saga of the brand. An extreme version of the BR-01, whose iconic square shape is directly inspired by aeronautical flight instruments, the BR-X1 is much more than a top-of-the-range contemporary sports watch: it is the &quot;Ultimate Utility Watch&quot;.

* [[BR X1 Skeleton Chronograph]]
* [[BR X1 Tourbillon Chronograph]]

=== BR 01 ===
To create the BR 01 aviation watch, Bell &amp; Ross' designers took their inspiration from aeronautical instrumentation, the ultimate reference point for legibility and reliability. Available in a variety of models, the BR 01 Instrument watch is no longer exclusively reserved for pilots. It has become an iconic watch to the great delight of watch collectors.

* [[BR 01-92]]
* [[BR 01-93 GMT]]
* [[BR 01-94 Chronograph]]
* [[BR 01-96 Grande Date]]
* [[BR 01-97 Reserve de Marche]]
* [[BR 01 Airborne]]
* [[BR 01 Compass]]
* [[BR 01 Radar]]
* [[BR 01 Casino]]
* [[BR 01 Flight Instruments]]
* [[BR 01 Tourbillon]]
* [[BR 01 Minuteur Tourbillion]]

=== BR 03 ===
An aviation watch designed for professionals, the BR03 with its 42 mm diameter is a genuine alternative to the 46 mm diameter BR01. Its size as well as its finishes and functions complement the BR 01. The AVIATION BR 03 collection comes in several versions according to mechanism type, case materials and dial colors.

* [[BR 03-92]]
* [[BR 03-94 | BR 03-94 Chronograph]]
* [[BR 03-51 GMT]]
* [[BR 03-88 Type Aviation]]
* [[BR 03-90 | BR 03-90 Grande Date &amp; Réserve de Marche]]
* [[BR 03-96 | BR 03-96 Grande Date]]
* [[BR 03-97 | BR 03-97 Réserve de Marche]]
* [[BR 03 Radar]]

=== BR-S ===
True to its aeronautical origins, Bell &amp; Ross has re-imagined its iconic model, the BR 01, by introducing a sleeker, thinner, and more elegant version: the BR-S 39mm.

* [[BR-S Quartz]]
* [[BR-S Mécanique]]
* [[BR-S Automatic]]


= Marine =
=== BR 02 ===
In order to meet the specific requirements of professional divers, Bell &amp; Ross has developed the MARINE BR 02 Collection that conforms to the necessities of the underwater environment. Water-resistant to 1,000 meters, legible in deep sea conditions and fitted with a decompression valve and unidirectional adjustable bezel, the BR02 is a diving instrument perfectly suited for professional use.
* [[BR 02-92]]
* [[BR 02-94]]


= Vintage =
The vintage collection evokes the changing designs of civil aviation and military timepieces, from their beginnings though the 1960s. The pocket watch, which evolved into the wristwatch and professional watch, was the inspiration for the subsequent styles representing three stages of evolution. With their modern design, these traditional and pure lines illustrate the authenticity of a collection created for connoisseurs of the genre

=== Vintage BR ===
A reimagined version of the models worn by aviators in the 1940s, the Vintage BR represents the modern watch in its simplest form, inspired by the legibility requirements of a dashboard. By combining the functionality of its movement, the legibility of its dial, the domed crystal and the finish of its straps, Bell &amp; Ross has merged the authenticity of vintage watches with the very latest technologies.

* [[Vintage BR 123 Original]]
* [[Vintage BR 123 Sport]]
* [[Vintage BR 123 GT]]
* [[Vintage BR 123 GMT 24H]]
* [[Vintage BR 126 Original]]
* [[Vintage BR 126 Sport]]
* [[Vintage BR 126 GT]]
* [[Vintage BR 126 Flyback]]
* [[Vintage BR 126 Sport Heritage GMT Flyback]]

=== Vintage WW1 ===
By creating the Vintage WW1 (Wrist Watch 1), Bell &amp; Ross pays tribute to the first wristwatches worn by pilots in the 1920s, a design born from the need to keep their hands free. Drawing its inspiration from a point of evolution midway between the pocket watch and the wristwatches of the 1940s, the WW1 brings together the design elements of the Roaring Twenties: a large fob-watch type diameter, wire lugs welded to the sides of the watch giving the impression of horns, and a thin leather strap, elegant yet strong.

* [[WW1-92]]
* [[WW1-96 Grande Date]]
* [[WW1-97 Reserve de Marche]]
* [[WW1-90]]
* [[WW1 Monopusher Chronograph]]
* [[WW1 Jump Hour]]
* [[WW1 Régulateur]]
* [[WW1 Argentium]]
* [[WW1 Edición Limitada]]

=== Vintage WW2 ===
By creating the Vintage WW2 (Wrist Watch 2), Bell &amp; Ross pays tribute to the timekeeping instruments used by bomber navigators in the 1930s and 1940s.

* [[WW2 Régulateur Heritage]]
* [[WW2 Vintage Regulator]]


= Discontinued Models =
==== Collection Type Professional ====
* [[Space 1]] by Sinn
* [[Space 2]] by Sinn
* [[Space 3]]
* [[Space 3 GMT]]
* [[Pilot]] by Sinn
* [[GMT]] by Sinn
* [[Military M1]] by Sinn
* [[Military M2]] by Sinn
* [[Grand Prix]]
* [[Hydro Challender]] by Sinn
* [[Hydromax]]
* [[Type Marine]]
* [[Type Démineur]]

==== Collection Classic ====
Designed in a strictly classical style, the Classic models have been directly inspired by pilots' watches of the 50's. These chronographs have been designed with the same concern for legibility as flight instruments on board aircraft of the period. The hands in the forms of arrows make it easy to differentiate the chronographic functions from those of a standard watch.
* [[Classic]]
* [[Diver]]
* [[Diver 300]]
* [[Type Aeronavale]]

==== Collection Vintage ====
As a tribute to service men, and particularly to pilots, who were the first professionals to consider that the wristwatch is a tool to assist them in carrying out their missions, Bell &amp; Ross has created the Vintage Collection. Its refined lines and classical styling, at once traditional and also modern in its design, illustrate the authenticity of this range created for those who love fine watchmaking.

* [[Function]]
* [[Fusion]]
* [[Vintage 120]]
* [[Vintage 123]]
* [[Vintage 123 Jump Hour]]
* [[Vintage 126 Valjoux]]
* [[Vintage 126]]
* [[Vintage 126 XL]]
* [[Vintage 126 Grande Date]]
* [[Geneva 123]]
* [[Geneva 126]]
* [[Medium Auto]]
* [[Medium Chrono]]
* [[Mystery Diamond]]

== Straps ==
We'll keep a database of strap makers who specialize in Bell &amp; Ross Straps
=== Custom ===
* [ Rob Montana - The StrapSmith] - Builds custom custom hand made straps using materials such as Alcantara and vintage military ammo pouches
* [ Jabba Straps] - Hand made straps for the BR 01/03 and now offers the most accurate OEM shape strap for the BR02
* [ Dangerous9]
* [ Combat Straps]
* [ WatchAK]
* [ Atelier Thibot]
* [ Steveostraps]

=== Ready Made ===
* [;pub=5575109419&amp;toolid=10001&amp;campid=5337619649&amp;customid=&amp;icep_store=B-and-R-Bands&amp;ipn=psmain&amp;icep_vectorid=229466&amp;kwid=902099&amp;mtid=824&amp;kw=lg BandRBands] - Carries ready made straps for The BR01/02/03 line and the Vintage BR line
* [;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;field-keywords=Bell%20%26%20Ross&amp;linkCode=ur2&amp;tag=berowi-20&amp;url=me%3DA3EO9ND4E1NI60&amp;linkId=QLCLPK27RNKEZ7BX Panatime]
* [;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;field-keywords=Bell%20%26%20Ross&amp;linkCode=ur2&amp;tag=berowi-20&amp;url=me%3DA1R0NH145QNETW&amp;linkId=6X5G3V2W5TF3QYUZ StrapCode]
* [ Taikonaut]
* [ Black Badger Straps]
* [;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;field-keywords=Bell%20%26%20Ross&amp;linkCode=ur2&amp;tag=berowi-20&amp;url=me%3DA2N7VEILUSRRN&amp;linkId=GJXLFXPIKVDSZMKG Daluca Straps]

== Forums ==
* Official Bell &amp; Ross Forum - [] - 
* BR-AVO - [] - Fan favorite since 2009
* BR-GANG - [] - French speaking fan forum
* FAM - []
* TimeZone - [;frm_id=97;frm_id=97] 
* WuS - []

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