BR-X1 Forged Carbon

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In its constant quest for excellence, Bell & Ross has chosen to incorporate a high-tech composite material in the design of the BR-X1: Carbone Forgé. Both lightweight and extremely strong, it plays a key role in the aeronautical and space industry, notably in the pro- duction of structural parts used for fuselages that are subjected to extreme mechanical stress.

Carbone Forgé is a material obtained using a unique, patented conversion process. The technology behind the process involves compressing carbon fibres with a thermosetting resin at high tempera- ture in a steel mould.

To meet watchmaking quality criteria, the engineers have reworked the carbon fibres and the composition of the resin. The result is a non-porous, water-resistant single-unit case with clean edges, in a deep black, which is the colour of the carbon fibres. The marbled appearance of each piece is unique thanks to the random way the carbon fibres are mixed. The matt finish reduces reflection for better legibility, and makes it soft to the touch.

X1-forged-1.png X1-forged-4.png X1-forged-5.png X1-forged-2.png X1-forged-3.png