Baselworld 2016/BR-X1 Tourbillon Sapphire

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Haute Horlogerie Caliber

Constructed around the master grande complication Flying Tourbillon, we added a mono-pusher chronograph. It’s a unique and exclusive caliber, named BR CAL 285. This Haute Horlogerie Caliber is now built on a main plate, of which pillars are cut directly in the same block of metal as the plate. On the front side, the chronograph complication is highly visible, with the column wheel, the instant jumping minute and the function whips. On the back side, many openings let see the power reserve differential as well as the barrel. The flying tourbillon cage is seeable from everywhere: top, side, back.

A "treasure chest" for a unique movement

Sapphire is a mineral whose scientific name is Corundum. Corundum is the second hardest material on earth, after diamonds. Almost impossible to scratch. Cutting a watch case from a solid block of sapphire is an extremely long and difficult process. It takes tens and tens of hours of machining, then polishing, to produce a single case. The BR-X1 SAPPHIRE TROUBILLON case is actually cut out of 9 blocks of sapphire: middle piece, back, top, crystal and four bumpers, assembled with screws. The complexity of the case construction is not only a technical mastership challenge but also a way to enhance the protection of the watch