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"Every year, in order to create new models, I need new sources of inspiration," admits Bruno Belamich, our creative director. "Following the success of our B-Rocket motorbike in 2014, I wanted to go even further and design the Bell & Ross car. The aim was to produce a car that can ‘hold its own’, even amongst automotive professionals. But above all, this real challenge was a great joy," remembers the designer. "The AeroGT concept car was the starting point for the creation of a new pair of watches inspired by the automotive world – the BR 03 AeroGT models."

Half GT concept car

The Bell & Ross AeroGT draws its inspiration from grand tourers («gran turismo» in Italian). This category of racing car, first produced in the land of Pasolini in the ‘50s, encompasses the most illustrious sports cars in automotive history, and particularly the celebrated Ferrari 250 GTO, of which only 36 were produced in the ‘60s. At the time, these versatile sports vehicles were designed to be at home both at great speeds and on the track. Indeed, some “gentlemen drivers” would travel directly by road to the competitions in which they were competing. The Bell & Ross AeroGT celebrates these legends on wheels in a highly contemporary manner.

Half aeroplane concept car

The AeroGT is a super car inspired by aviation. With this creation, Bell & Ross is keeping in touch with its aeronautic roots. Extremely low (1.10 m) and aerodynamic, the 4.7 meter-long car seems to split the air like an arrow. Its pointed forms with sharp angles and cutting overhangs are reminiscent of some stealth aeroplanes. All it needs to take off is a pair of wings. When seen from above, the drop-shaped glass roof recalls the glass cover of a jet cockpit. Meanwhile the razorthin wing mirrors are inspired by the small wings called «canards» placed on the nose of a fighter. The two unusually sized exhaust pipes evoke turbojet engine exhausts, while the turbine-style rims imitate the vanes of supersonic aircraft engines. But the most impressive detail is the rear longitudinal aileron, which is reminiscent of an aircraft’s vertical stabilizer. The role of this element is to stabilize the racing car when performing quick turns. Ultimately, the Bell & Ross AeroGT concept car combines motoring and aviation to the greatest possible degree.



03-92-AeroGT-specs.png 03-94-AeroGT-specs.png